Video messages in Telegram notify


I’ve been using Telegram notifier and telegram bot for a while sending pictures when people ring my doorbell.
As I have a Zoneminder setup where I detect motion the next step I think would be to send video messages when motion has been detected and I’m not at home.
So, basically, my idea is that a video option should be added to the telegram notifier-functionality.

Was looking at this as well. Have you tried the document method yet? Not sure if an mp4 is acceptable there though.

Also, could you share how you’re sending images from ZM? Saves me the trouble of figuring that out :slight_smile: thanks!

Sorry for the late reply :confused:
I’m actually not using ZM to send the images, just triggering a http snapshot when the status changes in ZM.
I’ll look into the sending of video now when the summer is coming to an end here :slight_smile: