Video tutorial: How to install Home Assistant on Raspberry PI 3 AIO in Portuguese

HI all,

i created this for help everyone of us, especially the people who lives in Portugal or Brasil.

BTW since the code is international language, everyone of us can watch.
I do more tutorial videos for HA and unboxings/reviews of Smart Home devices.

Thanks and hope you can sub me.

Best regards,

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Awesome @skinnedpt! My Portuguese is… well non-existent, but just from watching I can get an idea and you did a great job and this is a great way to open up HA to the world.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks :smiley:
Made another movie today:

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Very well done Ricardo!! Keep up with the videos! Greetings from Portugal and Thank you for your work!

Hey Ricardo, checked your videos and saw you have a unboxing of Xiaomi robot, have you tried to pair it with HASS?