Videx 3111 Intercom Automatic open on buzz Hack

Hey everyone

So my post is very similar to an existing post on another forum…

So basically I have a videx 3111 intercom and quite simply want to be able to have the door release, automatically pressed when someone buzzes the door outside. I dont want to be notified or any complex wifi release. Just simply want to be able to let myself into my block by simply pressing my buzzer for my flat and it auto buzzes me into it.

So I have pics, videos and wiring diagram to show exactly how it works and wiring diagram for whats needed for you guys to help me please. Same as the previous post, for me the 5 and 3 contacts connect and unlocks the main door. I simply want to automate it so when you press the buzzer, it self buzzes you in. No need for notifications or smart features, simply using the signal of buzzing to unlock the door automatically.

Here is what I did.

INA219 module (is in serial with the call tone terminal (4)) senses the buzzer being pressed. Buzzer still makes the noise.That is connected to ESP32 with esphome on it. It connects by wifi to Home assistant.
Home assistant picks up the Voltage sensed by INA219 and an automation closes a relay on the ESP32( one wire goes to (3) and other wire to (5) in parallel so if you turn off the automation you can still press the button to open it yourself) which opens the door or gate in my situation.
I can turn the automation on or off if I don’t want people buzzing themselves in. It all fits in my Videx3011. It all sounds a bit complicated but I built it in in steps. Cost about 12 Pounds.You may just need a simple relay between buzzer and door opener. I don’t know enough about electronics for that.

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This is amazing thank you so much!!

Going to be a real pain but any chance you can send me a list of items and pictures for each? and slightly better pics of the setup itself? Its really hard to see what’s connected to what and where and how its really setup via the 2 pics you have posted…

It seems like you have 3 different additional parts but its a little confusing so any clarity of specific parts list and setup guide would be massively appreciated. thanks