VIDEX door entry

In my house I have a old VIDEX door entry system.
It has a doorbell with camera and two videophones. With the videophone I can see and speak with the people at the front door. Also I can unlock the door, to let people in.

I want to remodel my home and remove the ugly 1990’s videophone.

My idea is to build in a NodeMCU in the doorbell. Attach the actual ‘door bell push button’ to the NodeMCU, so HA will know when the button is pushed.
In the original doorbell there is a camera. I don’t know if I can use it, but otherwise I can attach a camera to the Node. Door bell pushed --> image is taken --> HA will send notification with image to my phone.
But now the door has to be opened. Question: Is it possible to add a button to the phone notification to open the door? The door has some kind of electronic lock.

I only have to find out how the lock is being triggered to open, therefore I am not sure if I can remove the videophones. Probably the easiest way is to also add a NodeMCU in a Videophone and trigger the pushbutton with the Node. I can put the videophone probable in the attick, out of side.

Any ideas on that?

But what if I can find or reach my phone quick or the kids want to open the door?
I was thinking of adding a Sonoff Mini in a wall socket. Does that make sense?

Did somebody did something like this already?
Is this the right approach, or does someone has a better idea. Please share your thoughts

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Did you were able to do this? I have the same intercom and while I don’t want to change the intercom since I’m a tenant, I wanted to connect a NodeMCU to it so I can be notified when someone rings the bell and also be able to open the building door from HA. Were you able to implement that?