Viessmann Vitoconnect with ViCare

Hi everybody;
I am running a 20year old oil heatingsystem from Viessmann with a VITOTRONIC 200 control. This control can be upgraded with a “Vitoconnect” gateway and the ViCare app (I did not so far).
At the moment I manually note some data from my heating system once a week:
1.) Oil consumption in litre
2.) Number of starts of the burner
3.) absolut running time of the burner in h

Can anyone tell me, whether these data are provided within the ViCare app and thus can be found as entities in home assistant?

Thanks in advance!

Home assistant has a core integration:

I have no idea how well it works. Though there seem to be a few issues open for it: Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Try searching the forum. It is used by over 800 people.

Hello, that’s how it looks with me and the heating is an oil heating. As far as I know, consumption is not published. For that they would need to use something like OilFox.

Thanks @Bimbo009, for this picture! In this case - consumption is not published - it would be possible to calculate it by multiplying the “delta” burner hours with the specific consumption of the buurner which is given in the data sheet. For example: My burner consumes 2 liters oil per hour according to the data sheet.

But it would be easier for all of us if the value would be provided directly by Viessmann.

Hello, everything is possible. For this you would have to create a template sensor that calculates this.

Here is an example from chatGPT based on the question you asked just as an example

I tried it and chatgpt provided a slightly different solution. I can choose now what is the best for me.

I never would have thought this to be working! Excellent for getting a first idea of how a problem could be solved.

Glad I could help them.