View Assist - Visual feedback for Assist voice assistant on an Android tablet (Install info provided on Wiki)

This has inspired me to make my own smart clock. be looking forward to reading up on everything you’ve done here.

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Excellent. Please share your thoughts once you get into it. I notice you called it a smart clock. I’ve created alarm function “Ok Nabu. Set an alarm for 5:30AM” and it is working. I just need to add a way to turn it off/snooze via voice and show actionable buttons on the clock display itself.


very cool. yeah i’ve never really justified a full dashboard for my setup BUT something that replaces the echo show is very enticing because i want it to be a clock 90% of the time

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Awesome work :raised_hands:. Also when I say something turn on the light in kitchen , I understand it doesn’t bring up the view to show the light status , but I assume it does actually performs the action and gives you TTS that the action is done, as it depends on the HA Voice Assistant pipeline.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I was just wondering as I couldn’t see a demo for what happens when you say - turn on kitchen light in your demo video. Also if I create a custom sentence for it and also create a custom Button card , will that then show the kitchen light entity alongside giving a TTS saying that the light is turned on ?

Hey hey. Yes, it will action any custom or built in sentences but will not change the display from the current view. I do plan on incorporating this and did request a feature that will make this easier. I am trying to avoid rewriting the built in sentences as I’m expecting more to be incorporated as time goes by and don’t want to have to handle each of those cases. That said, there is nothing stopping someone from doing that. I think eventually the request will be filled and these will be handled with one easy automation and view. Would certainly welcome anything you come up with.

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A very good job !

Could you add this alarm function in your github ?


I’m working on it. I have a major revision to just about everything on there coming that will open this functionality up.


Has anyone tried using a USB microphone? Background: I have a Khadas Edge 2 Sbc with Fully running as a kitchen dashboard and would like to use that as well. Hence the question, do the apps also work with USB micro peripherals? That would save me an I/0 expansion card

@dinki thx for the great work.
I was able to setup my first ThinkSmart with WallPanel, IP Cam, since RtpMic does not work on Android 11, browser mod and stream assist.

The only think i could not get to work yet, is the voice stream/wake word with the new assist pipline.

The mic on the device works in a chrome browser jitsi session, i checked.

Anyone any idea what could be wrong?
The mic is streamed by, i can hear it in the browser on my PC.

Hey there. Thanks for your interest in the project. I am currently working through documenting everything and tidying things up. The wiki is being populated as well as Youtube channel. I will be doing the video for setting up Assist pipeline next. Best place for support is to go to the discussions on the GH page at dinki/View-Assist · Discussions · GitHub

All said, I can help troubleshoot here but would like to move the conversation there if possible.

I am using RtpMic on the A11 ROM without issue. Does it not show up in Playstore for you? See this video

I do support the IP Cam app as well but find that the RtpMic uses a lot less resources and the tablet is more stable using it versus IP Cam

I’m not sure if you are following wiki or not so good place to look would be these instructions: StreamAssist installation and configuration · dinki/View-Assist Wiki · GitHub

Again, I will be making the video for setting up Assist pipeline followed shortly with the Stream Assist install and config.

RtpMic is not found in PlayStore on the A11 ROM on the ThinkSmart View device.
I tried to install it manually with the apk, it said that this app was build for an older Android version and is not working. I now found the version 1.13 and this i could install. But it’s from some wild website, not that trust worthy.
I got StreamAssist now working with it.
I’ll give IP Cam another try and report back.

Regarding the discussion happening on GH, maybe add it to the Readme/Wiki ;).
But in my opinion in this forum would be a better place for discussion. Could be another thread though.