View recorded motion detection clips from Tinycam Monitor Pro

Hey folks,

Picked up a Wyze cam and installed Tinycam Monitor Pro on my Shield TV. Tinycam is running in the background and has the web server enabled. It does continuous recording to the device (broken up in 10 minute chunks) and also does 20 second recordings on motion detection. All the recordings get uploaded to Google Drive as well. I see how I can get lovelace to show a live stream of my camera, but I’d like it show that motion was detected and allow me to play the clip of it. Is this possible?
Ideally I could also access the recordings from the continuous recordings as well.

Is any of this possible? Was thinking if it couldn’t be done through TinyCam’s web server, perhaps it can be done by having HA monitor my GoogleDrive folder perhaps? Or maybe through some Iftt integration?