View System logs in UI from before startup

Today my homeassistant hung, so I had to restart my raspberry pi to make it all work again.

There is a System Log in the UI, but that only show logs from after startup. But the actual logs, when something really bad happens which is before your restarted homeassistant, you cannot see via the UI. This is very annoying. I know you can find some logs via ssh etc. but why not make things easier for users…

The file home-assistant.log.1 is the log from before the restart. You can open this file with any text editor.

you can

With something like the Studio Code Server Addon Open this add-on in your Home Assistant instance.

Note that home-assistant.log is the log from the current running session while home-assistant.log.1 is the one from the previous.

Thanks I will try those.

Although these all seem workarounds to me, it should be where you expect it to be, which is in http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/logs. Why would you need an addon for something basic as this…

Which wouldn’t work when ha fails to start up all together…

Which rarely happens thanksfully, but succesfully restarting after it hangs, happens a lot more, in which case it’s weird to see an empty log, in config/logs… where you just want to look for what happened before it failed.