View with background image constantly flickers on mouse movement

Oct-20-2020 16-19-19


title: Home solar energy
path: home_solar_energy
icon: mdi:solar-power
background: center / cover no-repeat url('/local/images/solar_grid.png') fixed

tested for incompatibility on the cards for this view, but even with a completely empty view this is happening:

Oct-20-2020 16-32-39

the image being a png file with modest sizes:

is this a bug, or a use error in the background config? please have a look?

seems Safari on the Mac is affected by this more than Chrome, which looks quite stable

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I’m noticing this as well, also only on Safari for Mac.

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Same issue here…

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Same for me on safari.

seems updating to the 2020.x version made it go away (maybe it was tackled earlier, but I hadn’t noticed?)

nevermind, back in all its intensity…

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Same thing. Any update on this issue? Can’t see any error in the developer console.

Same also here…
Only on OSx Safari.

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If no one else has filed an issue on Github, then I will :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I’ve filed this bug on the frontend repository:

I have noticed that this issue does not appear with Chrome and Firefox running on the same Mac.

If you have any additional information, please provide it in that issue.
If you are also experiencing the issue, but do not have additional information, simply click the :slight_smile: icon at the top right to add a :+1:.
Please do not add extra unnecessary comments.

Hopefully we can find a solution for this!

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Hi all,

Looking for “something” in SAFARI i noticed that the flicker appears on click and moving the mouse from and to the upper menu and the background. With the inspector of safari, under network folder i saw that every time it flicks it reloads the background.

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I don’t know if this is related but I keep getting incomplete page loads (missing icon in the sidebar, weird gray boxes) when I switch back to HA from another app (2018 iPad Pro, happens w/ the companion app, Safari and Chrome). Jiggling the page for a moment causes everything to pop back up normally.