Viewing/editing a scene in the UI triggers it, and weird behavior

yesterday I was looking at the configuration of a scene, and it activated the scene, not ideal and i didn’t notice till this morning.

the other strange thing is the scene is triggered by a service call - scene.turn_on and the covers moved correctly and fully open. when i exited the scene and didn’t save the changes it called scene.apply the covers changed to closing but the covers never moved and were still in the closing state when i looked this morning.

Hi Chris, AFAIK viewing a scene does trigger it.

For the second part of your question: what if you use a script or depending on the complexity of the scene, incorporate it in the automation…

By viewing I mean viewing with the ui editor, I’m currently away from home so can’t test fully.

The reason for using a scene is to make use of the Garmin integration/app to do multiple covers at the same time from my watch. Saves taking my phone out of my pocket which is really difficult sometimes

Yep, that’s typical behavior: when you view/edit a scene in the UI it’s activated until you leave the view/edit mode.

Can’t you use scripts/automations from the garmin integration/app?

its actually the hassconrtol app in the garmin store, old versions was just entity and scene so that what i had setup… and it was working perfect…

i only opened up the UI on a scene to have a look at something to help someone on another forum post, thats what caused them to open

what i don’t understand is why when i left the UI they changed to closing status but didn’t actually close