Vimar integration - WIP

I have started quite a while ago with an integration for an Italian KNX-like system named VIMAR. They offer control over lights, shades, switches, outlets, video, music, climate and current load and much more. Optionally you can have their by-me web server installed so you can trigger everything from the network. That’s where this integration hooks into. It recreates the HTTP calls that are made from that web interface through python.

So far I can authenticate, list devices, control lights, switches, fans and shades. The repository can be found here: h4de5/home-assistant-vimar

Example setup:

If you have such a system and want to try it out, please be aware that I have only tested it on one system (which is my own). I cannot take any responsibility for any damages resulting in using this. This is not only my first integration into home-assistant but also my first python project (!!).

Having said that: I am looking for someone who can help me with the home-assistant part. I am trying to keep up with the requirements for new integrations but I am lost - I am still used to setup everything from yaml files - and even though I read through the developers documentations, I still don’t understand some of the concepts. Any help or tips are highly appreciated.


VIMAR web interface

Some links:

We built our house in 2016+1. I always wanted to have my own home-automation system and therefore planed everything with that mind. When it came to the final decision it was between a well known but expensive KNX system and the rather unknown Italian copy called VIMAR. We settled on Vimar because - at that point - we had a local maintainer who supported us during the setup. At some point later that maintainer removed the system from its own product range. So I had no one to turn to for questions about how things work internally. What I found out on my own is, that this web server does not spark joy as it lacks any interfaces that could be used for things like automations. As a result the link integration, even though it is working pretty smooth, is in its design really hacky … and is not very nice to look at. Sorry for that :wink:

Just a small update: with the help of some volunteers, we were able to fix some early setup issues and have just added an integration for reading out climates:


congratulations for the very interesting project !!!

As soon as i have a vimar web server i will be happy to help you.

What climate equipment do you have? Can you also control the switching on and off?


I have some of these in white:
Where you can control the modes : heating, cooling, idle, off and auto, as well as the target temperature.
Some other testers have different devices that let you control additionally a fancoil and an auxiliary heater through the integration.

As the heating and cooling source I have a heating pump from vaillant, where I use another custom component and an AC which I cannot control through hass yet.

Looking forward for your input.

Just another progress update: Automatically discovering of energy guards, scenes and radio/media players have been added.

Also some restrictions like a maximum total number of states and a minimum delay between status updates have been removed.