Vimar switch reporting wrong active power consumption

Hello. I have a Vimar 14592 device, setup to be used in Zigbee mode. With a Sonoff USB Zigbee adapter (ZHA) I was able to add the Vimar device. I can control it (Vimar Mains_Power_Outlet_v1.0 Switch) and I can also see active power consumption (Vimar Mains_Power_Outlet_v1.0 Active power) and power factor (Vimar Mains_Power_Outlet_v1.0 Power factor) which is always set to unknown.

The problem is that active power consumption is completely off… For a tv it shows 570W, for an hairdryer it shows 15Kw… I believe it’s off by 10x. Is there a way to specify a “multiplier” to fix this value?


Hello Mattia,
same situation, the “Power factor” value is missing and therefore it is not possible to obtain the correct multiplier.

I tried to add a tasmota socket in series and in my case the value is close to 0.8. To have the similar data I created a virtual sensor to apply the multiplier but it is not reliable.