Vintage Radio Voice Assistant

This is my entry for the Voice Assistant contest. I found an old Emerson AM radio in a house that was about to be torn down. I liked the look of it, so I decided to turn it into a voice assistant.

I custom designed and printed the internal shelf and back cover. I also designed a cool little sticker for it.

There is a steel plate attached to the underside of the top, for touch-to-talk functionality. You click the button on the right-side rotary encoder to toggle wake word detection.
The rotary encoder on the left controls the brightness of the LEDs. Clicking it in toggles the “WLED” effect, which I use with LEDfx for audio-reactive lighting effects.

Hardware Used:

  • ESP32
  • INMP441 (Mic)
  • UDA1334A (DAC)
  • SPST Momentary normally open button
  • WS2812B LEDs (I used 6 rings, 93 LEDs total)
  • 2x Rotary Encoder
  • 12V to dual 5V buck converter
  • Mending plate (for the touch functionality)
  • Small set of computer speakers

Demo Videos:

Touch to Talk:

Wake Word:

More information, photos, and a video of the audio reactive lights are on my blog at

The results of the contest are out!
They may be of interest to you :wink:
Have a look!