Viron Astral Pool ChlorinatorGo integration

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows of any integration to get a Bluetooth connected Viron eQuilibrium working with Home Assistant. The app it connects to on my devices is called ChlorinatorGo.

If not, anyone have any interest in building something for payment? (I do not know how to code)…


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Thank you. I did see this but not willing to spend another $600 on what is essentially a automation plug. I would have thought for the almost $2000 I spent on the controller, and the fact that VIrion already have the technology to allow internet access or API integration, they could have included this with the EQ series controllers (or all of their controllers to be honest).

I am going to try to put something together using an esp32 board running Arduino and shooting BLE commands to see if i can at least make it turn on and off. If this is not possible, I will go back to my previous Sonoff SV running ESPHome and Shelly 1PM to tell me when it is on or off.

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I totally agree.

I hope you manage to get something going as I came here looking fur the exact same thing

Been away from this for a while.

As an update, I have managed to sniff out the Bluetooth communication between my phone and the EQ and will attempt to create some sort of esp32 mqtt device which can push into HA…

Will keep this post updated.

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I’m very keen to see how this goes, are there any updates so far?

also would be great if this was possible

Hi @Mikkaat, how have you been going with this?

Hi, I only just got back onto this. I do not know how to code so am slowly working my way through this.

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Would love to get this working…

These videos might help as well:

this would be great if someone could get this going

Hi all, just an update, I have extracted the Service UUID, Characteristic UUID and Values for the pump settings of Auto, Manual, Off, and the pump speeds of High, Medium Low. I am not in any way shape or form able to code so will try to take a look at the videos to see what i can do. Happy to post them here if you want to have a go as well.

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As an update, I have been advised to try the BLE Client — ESPHome and BLE Client Sensor — ESPHome.

I tried these and was able to connect to the controller, and located the characteristics, but unfortunately was not able to control it in any way. I will paste the Service UUID, Characteristic UUID and values here just in case someone wants to give it a go for themselves.

Service UUID UUID Value
4500000198b74e29a03f160174643001 4500000398b74e29a03f160174643001 86683a6d3db48556d5d8aa3d28d8fa4a
4500000198b74e29a03f160174643001 4500020398b74e29a03f160174643001 23cd2194d6be98a6aa388d18062454e44e51016b
4500000198b74e29a03f160174643001 4500020398b74e29a03f160174643001 ecf698e596b01947527bea11441c388923d584aa
4500000198b74e29a03f160174643001 4500020398b74e29a03f160174643001 f82ff7cad5cd1ff6c923e72e6728d5a0cefcd5a6
4500000198b74e29a03f160174643001 4500020398b74e29a03f160174643001 3cf09bfc23695df55d160eaa134a675ba0bf0189
4500000198b74e29a03f160174643001 4500020398b74e29a03f160174643001 63b1ef9a625ebd01139c56d6f18ae0d8d48e7ce5
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hopefully someone with some knowledge could figure it out, be handy to have it integrated into HA

I’ve just ordered a couple doit esp32 modules. Should arrive in about a month.
@Mikkaat, what did you use to do this BLE sniffing?

@pbutterworth I purchased this from AliExpress and followed the process defined in Stuart Patterson’s videos. The ServiceUUID, UUID and Values are pasted above.

If you get your code running, please share.


I just got a Viron EQ as well, while the Viron heat pump has Wi-Fi and a few other bits of my home plant have Wi-Fi, the EQ is an oddity with offering only Bluetooth.

Keen to help out but my programming skill is low and resources to do so and make boards right now even lower.

Keen to be able to get ORP and pH values out into HA for recording long term trends and notifications of alerts like “low salt”.

Being able to configure via HA doesn’t offer much unless to shift into manual mode out of programmed mode (Eg shift between manual on, manual off and auto mode). Because made in the future id sync EQ into manual on/off to be triggered by solar panel and total house consumption output.

I’ve sniffed the connection between the app and the chlorinator using Wireshark and a nRF dongle.
Looks like the link is not encrypted, but the payload data is meaningless to me. Perhaps the payload itself is encrypted?

Here’s the wireshark capture:

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So I’m thinking that decompiling the android app might yield some clues to the comms.
I’ve unpacked the android apk, and it appears to be built with Xamarin/.NET - so all the interesting bits are in dll files. These also can be decompiled, but unfortunately the tools to do this don’t work on my M1 silicon macbook.
So I’m a bit stuck…

Happy to help out if i can… (not that I know how, but if you want to guide me through…) what tools are needed?