Virtual Box not passing through Zooz 700 series Zwave stick

I’m not sure this is a ZWave stick issue as much as a Virtual Box issue. I’ve had this Zooz 700 ZST10 S2 stick working previously. After a windows update (Win11), Virtual Box does not seem to pass this USB port along to HA anymore. Normally I would find this in the system hardware as “/dev/serial/by-id/usb-…” or “/dev/ttyACM0” but it’s not there. I’ve updated Virtual Box to latest 7.0.18 r162988 including the extensions. I can see the Zooz stick in USB configuration, it just doesn’t seem to transfter to HA. Anyone seen this before?

To get the z wave stick to recognize you have to plug it in. Then in Virtual box settings, USB, click the plus and add the stick. Then remove the stick and shut down the virtual machine. While the VM is off, plug in the stick and start the VM. The stick should be recognized.

Thank you Rich. I’ve read your solution before thinking that I was performing it. It’s aboout the order of operations. Thanks again.

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One of the reasons I went to a bare metal install was because of this. Its going to have to be performed everytime the host reboots.

What do you mean bare metal install? I didn’t reboot and virtual box seemed to loose this USB port. The removing and adding the USB stick isn’t working now. Should I use something other than Zooz ZST10 stick?

Im not using a VM at all now. I Installed HA OS on a spare machine I had.