Virtual Lights On / OFF

I have created six “virtual lights” of different colors (RGB) with
I can see the light colors as defined in Lovelace as bulbs ( hass:lightbulb)

In my automation , I would like to switch On/Off as the temperature of the water changes from my solar water heater , where a Sonoff th16 sensor has been embedded into the water pipe.
While the Telegram Bot works perfectly , I am unable to switch the Virtual lights On or Off

Your assistance would be deeply appreciated . If I can make it work , I will reserve a kindle dashboard at the kitchen to make my wife smile !! My programming knowledge is very limited as I am a 68 year old veteran from the Brick & Mortar industry… I am fascinated with HA which I took up as a serious project as I have been home bound during these Covid times.

Please take the time to format your code. Take a look at this post point 11 to learn how to do that. Once you’ve learned how, edit your post and format the code. Thanks.

My sincere apologies.