Virtual three way switching between ZigBee switch, zwave switch, and homekit fan/light and dumb lights

Virtual three way dimming between a Zwave switch, ZigBee switch, dumb lights and a homekit light

Tl:dr- I want to group a light which is part of a homekit fan/light with dumb lights. I want to control all of the lights with two different dimmers. One is zwave and the other ZigBee.

This might not be possible with the different protocols involved. In my bedroom I have a fan/light combo which is homekit. I have it added to HA so I can control it directly inside HA. Electrically, it has a single switch, but there is a 14-3 that goes from the switch to the fan. One of the wires isn’t being used however. Currently I have it wired to a zooz zen30 switch. The power to the fan/light is going through the relay with nothing currently connected to the dimmer. I did consider just hardwiring the fan/light and using the relay button in smart bulb mode for the fan and then the dimmer paddle for the light. This may end up being my next step because my wife hates it when the switch is off and she can’t turn on the fan with the remote.

Here is where things get complicated. In the same box is one end of a 3 way circuit for the remaining lights in my bedroom. The other end is near the side of my bed. The electrician thought that we would want to have a second switch for the lights so we wouldn’t have to walk across the room in the dark. I currently have an inovelli blue switch in this box because the power comes in to the box even though there is already power on the same circuit in the two gang box with the fan/light.

Here is what I want to do. I want to eliminate the switch in the two gang box that is part of the 3 way. I want to create a normal 2 way with the inovelli. I can do this electrically with no issues. I will just nut together the wire I need to and eliminate the switch and put a blank over that side of the box. I then want to link the switch and dimming functions of the inovelli which controls the dumb lights with the switch and dimming of the paddle on the zen30. I then want to control the light portion of the homekit fan/light and the dumb lights with either switch.

In the end I will have one paddle (the zen30) in the entrance of my room which will control all the lights (the homekit light and the dumb lights) and then also have a paddle near my bed which will also control all the lights.