VirtualBox VM

Hi there.

I’ve been trying to get my fresh HA running on a newly NUC.
It’s just not working from other pc’s in the network.

I’ve set-up the host pc with the following:
Windows 10 Pro
Static IP:

When i’m on the host pc i can go to hassio.local:8123 but when i take another pc in the network there’s nothing.

Ive set-up the network adapter bridget. I’ve also tried first adapter in NAT mode and second in Host-Only with settings:
Static IP:

Were is it going wrong?

try accessing it with when in bridged mode.

Hi Bosborne,

Thats not working.

I’ve solved the problem by putting the network adapter in VM to bridget mode and generate a MAC adres.
Then in my router i’ve set a static IP for that mac adres.

Restart and everything works like a charm.