Visonic PowerMax + Powerlink2 integration


I’ve created an Integration for my visonic alarm system: Powermax + PowerLink 2 ethernet module. It is based on an initial integration by bertbert72, that was not updated since 2 years and that was not working with the current HA version:

This component will create one alarm_control_panel that let you show the current state of the alarm system and also to arm and disarm the system.
It will also create one sensor for every door/window contact that let you see if the doors or windows are open or closed. It uses mqtt to communicate with HA.

You can use HACS and install as a custom component, or download and copy the custom_compents/powerlink2 to your home_assistant custom_components directory.

It is available here on github:

and you can read more information on

The component has only been tested with a Visonic PowerMaxPro with a PowerLink 2 ethernet module, so it might not work with (but should) other Visonic alarm systems. The HomeAssistant version is the latest Home Assistant 2022.11.4.
The component has been used flawlessly for several months.

This is unsupported by Visonic - they don’t publish their REST API. It is also unsupported by me. I accept no liability for your use of the component or library, nor for any loss or damage resulting from security breaches at your property.

If you don’t use a powerlink ethernet module, have a look at the Integration for the Visonic Powermax and Powermaster Alarm Systems by davesmeghead:

Hope it can be useful :slight_smile: