Visual Editor / Blueprints for ESPHome planned?

I wonder if a visual editor, like the one for HA Automations, is planned? After ESPHome and Nabu Casa have joined forces :slight_smile:

It would enormously help lots of people migrate, or onboard to ESPHome with Home Assistant.

Especially simpler task should be doable with a nice visual editor.

Anything planned or already existing?

Update 25.06.2021
Because the original post and title could be misleading, I added “Blueprints” to the title.
I also want to clarify upfront, that I did not think about node-red or anything that complex, it should be a simple solution to get the devices to do their standard task without the original firmware but with esphome.

Yuk, sounds awful.

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Should I understand this answer ?

The question was up on the last stream.
The answer is currently no, it will be yaml for at least a long time.

ESPhome has so many variants that you can’t make a gui for.
And lambda is probably impossible to make a gui for.

Ok this makes sense and is a statement.
Hmm would have hoped for something without all the features but to help onboarding simple devices like standard sonoff and shelly without the copy paste approach.

But thinking about this, even something like Blueprints for ESPHome would be great. Especially if some parameters like names can be change while importing the blueprint (which can be yaml).


Yes, it is clearly the expression of a personal view that a gui would be awful in this context.

OK, I get that - thanks.

Still, if Home Assistant and ESPHome want to get more users to use this combination, the onboarding process must get as easy as possible and besides flashing creating the inital YAML configuration for basic usage of some devices could be much much easier.
Something like Blueprints / Templates for ESPHome directly integrate in HA / ESPHome Dashboard would be a time saver for many people (including me).

But thanks.

Have you seen the latest enhancements to the onboarding process for esphome? They were in the blog.

The incorporation of blueprints could be very worthwhile.

Actually when I first read your post I thought you were talking about some sort or block programming thing, or something like node red.

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I would love to select the device type from a drop down and have ESPHome load a starter config. Certain devices are simple (switches) and this would help make ESPHome easier to start for newbies.

Blueprint like functionality would be killer.

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I have seen the blog and video, and this actually triggered myself to start migrating to esphome :slight_smile: I like the onboarding via the browser for new devices. Works great, but after I had my first devices flashed, I was struggling to find the YAML configuration which allows me to use the devices at least they way they work with the original firmware or tasmota and its device specific settings.

I found the configuration, but I thought this could be done much simpler. I had no issue getting tasmota running and setup, but I am really struggling with esphome and getting the basic functionality done in YAML correctly.

Anyhow, node-red or something was not my intention at all, I really thought something simple like the HA Automation part, but for setting up the device but Blueprints came into my mind a little later - which would be even better.

The community could create ESPHome YAML files which work like Automation Blueprints for the enduser, they just copy und past the link into the ESP Dahsboard. All they would need to do is searching for their device and the functionality. Like a Shelly 1 used to turn on / off a light with a standard light switch (basic functionality) or another doing the same but offer a way to turn off the light after some minutes.

Or the idea of a shelly 1 used as a garage door opener, a shelly 1 PM for turning on / off the washing maching and report the usage data.

Anyhow, there are lots of use cases where someone could download a blueprint, specify the device, some parameters (wifi, delay, etc) and get a YAML file.

Anything more complex should be done in the config file (like the lambda things or special hardware), but I see lots of potential here to help tech lovers (but not programmers :wink: ) to get there first devices converted to esphome :slight_smile: and therefor into home assistant.