Visual editor for Picture-glance card does to support `show_state`

Is there any reason why the Visual Editor for the picture-glance card does not support show-state ?

Also, the documentation on this is a little modest.
Examples would be welcome (especially for an electronics engineer without any real programming background like myself)
It took me quite a bit of Google searching to finally find the GitHub issue… which to my delight was closed and implemented.
thanks and keep up the great work with the Home Assistant project

Hi Chris, could you post the GitHub issue you were referring to?

I think Chris is referring to Ability to show the temperature/humidity state value in a picture-glance footer · Issue #3901 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

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What I meant is that, as soon as you add show-state to the config of the Picture-glance card, the Visual Editor is no longer supported and you have to edit the configuration in YAML

I was wondering why this option was not implemented in the graphical editor for this card.
(not a big deal… just wondering why… maybe I learn something)