Visual notifications effects with WLED

Did you ever want your lights to show notification effects? With a single command that does not require complicated state handling of the lights? I created a simple Node-RED node that does exactly that for WLED lights.

The node can be easily integrated into flows and thus HA, you basically just need to set the hostname/IP of the WLED device and all other configuration is optional. There is currently one “blink” effect which can be highly customized.

I’ve been using it for some time now, and it’s working great for my use case :slight_smile: Please let me know your thoughts and if it’s helpful to you! Contributions (PRs) welcome!


I wanted to show visual notifications in my home, e.g., when the washing machine has finished. I also receive text notifications on the phone but it’s mostly muted and I often do not look at it for hours, so I needed an alternative.

I evaluated Tradfri and Hue smart bulbs with integrated effects, but they need additional handling (e.g., if effect started from off-state, turn off again after the effect has finished) and they are not really customizable. For lights without effects it gets even more complicated: first their state needs to be saved, then a custom command sequence needs to be sent to emulate an effect (potentially creating a high traffic load on Zigbee networks), and finally the original state needs to be restored. Even then, it still interferes with automations, and gets even trickier someone/something else changes the state during an ongoing effect.

Luckily I’m already using a few WLED devices, and I stumbled upon their UDP Realtime control protocol which allows this use case very easily: it temporarily overrides whatever state it has and thus allows to display notification light effects without state handling :slight_smile: Since TypeScript and the Node ecosystem are currently my primary programming tools, I decided against a direct HA integration (Python) and for a Node-RED node.

Hi protyposis,

Firstly many thanks for sharing this great project. I have been wanting to do something similar with my Wled home installation for some time but do not have the experience.
Many time’s I miss notifications in my cinema room, this would be ideal as I currently have an WLed strip mounted above the projector screen.

I have your Node Red project working using the example flow and when I manually trigger in Node red it works great blinking my LED’s Red.

I’m not very experienced in Node Red, can you advise how I actually can call the example blink flow from within home assistant. Let’s say from a button or automation?
Apologies if this is an easy action, I have been unable to resolve this myself.


Hi santiniuk,

thanks for your feedback, this sound like the perfect use case for you :slight_smile:

This is possible with the initial example by changing the events node to listen for service calls with {"domain":"button"} or {"domain":"automation"} instead of {"domain":"notify"}. There should be a way to even filter for the button and automation names.

As an alternative, you might find using a custom event more intuitive, as that can be very easily sent from automations and scripts. I have just added this as a second example to the docs: Notify on custom event