Visual Studio Code file icons

I understand that the file icons have been updated for HA in VSC.
I understand that they are in a File Icon Theme but do not know which one specifically I need to install. I only have the two default VSC themes installed (minimal and seti).

I’m posting my question here for two reasons,

  • I don’t want to pester the developer of the extension directly for what I imagine is a more general question.
  • Others might find the answer useful.

Did you find an answer to this?

I’ve just set up another instance of VSCode and can not work out how to get the little HA house icon for yaml files.

I’m pretty sure they came as part of the ‘Home Assistant Config Helper’

Hmm. Weird, I installed that and it is working.

Edit: I’m an idiot. I installed the icons extension but did not activate it.

I might be stupid but I have the HA Config Helper installed and it is enabled but my icons are still not showing up correctly :confused:

Edit: Nevermind they were disabled as of v2.1.0 due to using too much memory