Visual Studio Code warnings on correct syntax

Hi Community,

this is my first request for help in this forum, I hope this is the right place and somebody can show me an obvious solution. The problem I’m facing since some updates ago is that the really wonderful VSCode addon puts colourful syntax warnings after some yaml rows. Related features work fine. What am I possibly doing wrong?

Best Regards, Gyuri

Style is not a valid option for the entities card. If you are using card-mod, like all custom cards, this is not included in the extension syntax schema. Also if this is card-mod you need to update how style is used.

Confirmation dialogue should only be used under the tap_action option.

Thanks for this fast response. New code is like this, only two warnings but no confirmation dialog. Text is nice red:


card_mod: is still not correctly indented. It should be in line with type: and should not be under entities: i.e. the top level of the card.

  - type: entities
      style: |
      - entity: etc...

Getting better and better :slight_smile: Only one warning: Property card_mod is not allowed. Still no confirmation dialog.

Show what you have now.

Do you have card-mod installed?

These community addons:

Registered in configuration.yaml like this:

Also they are listed as resources.

That’s all good. Show your card config as it is now.

So I have an overview tab configured as

Which is included in dashboard like



Working for me:


Ok, thanks anyway, I’ll postpone this problem until I start to understand better what I’m writing :slight_smile: More critical is that confirmation dialog does not appear because I can power off the flat accidentally with one touch. But for this I plan to use two parallel IP relays.

Update: missing confirmation dialog problem solved by updating to core-2021.7.2.