Visualizations of automations or scripts using plantuml?

Did someone try to create plantUML activity diagrams from automations, scripts or blueprints to document them this way?

Not that I know of, but there’s this:

Yes, I know this and I use it.

That’s why it came in my mind: If there is already a graphical presentation, why not to find a way to use graphical presentation not only for debuging, but also for documentation?

Sorry to resurect a dead topic, but I found this topic after searching for PlantUML while reading on it in an article about ChatGPT creating PUML code, which I’d never heard of. Turns out it’s the code fed to PlantUML. PlantUML understand YAML, so pasting an automation here wrapped in @startyaml and @endyaml it outputs an interesting diagram.

It is useful for those visual learners, or for people trying to relate how YAML text creates objects.

Interesting experiment to be sure. Looks like Node Red to me.