Vitesy Natede/Eteria integration

Would love to see an integration for the Vitesy Natede air purifier -

Just posting in case someone else needs it. Used to be named Clarity, now Vitesy. Pretty cool product.
**GitHub - RonaldHiemstra/clairy: home-assistant clairy component

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Is that integration still working?
Code hasn’t been updated since 2019 and the developer seems to indicate that it is an abandoned project based on his response to an open issue.

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I also now have the Shelfy and would love to see the data from that on my home assistant!!

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My Shelfy is in transit, so that will be another Vitesy device I’ve love to see in HA!

Has anyone tried integrating Vitesy Shelfy into Home Assistant?

I’ve been running this great gadget in my fridge since before Christmas, and would love to see its status in H.A. as well. Especially the acoustic temperature in the fridge and the status of the Shelfy filter. And of course some of those temperature graphs and the number of times the fridge door has been opened.

I’ve had mine running for just over a month now. Would love to see all the various Vitesy app data pulled into HA.