Vizio Integration - Play / Pause (individual buttons or toggle)

I’m surprised this isn’t already a feature request for those using the integration. I searched the forum for “Vizio” but only a handful of posts came up, so hopefully I’m not re-posting something.

One thing I find missing for my VIZIO SmartCast TV’s is the ability to toggle Play/Pause. I can control volume and power, but not play status.

The API does appear to support it when looking at this implementation of it:

However, they do note that the play/pause remote codes can sometimes work as a toggle for some apps. But I imagine if you combine that with a query to check the play status, that could be worked out. Unfortunately, I don’t know Python, so I’m not able to contribute to the integration myself.

The main reason for this request is because these TV’s support Apple AirPlay. So by using the SmartCast Play/Pause remote codes it allows me to control the play status of both Google Cast AND Apple AirPlay.

In the meantime, I’ll probably try to work something together by using a curl script and calling that from the automation instead, or maybe pyvizio has it, I haven’t checked.