Vizio Smartcast Intigration - Help with Update Settings Service

I’m attempting to access the Blank_Screen functionality of my Vizio OLED since I use it as a monitor.
Through a bunch of trial and error, the blank screen works much better than trying to automate power for the screen.
For some reason the TV only powers on every once in a while through my automations in Home Assistant. Yes, Power Mode is set to Quick Start. This is not a fault of the automation as I have tested just sending the power on command and sometimes the tv just fails to receive the command.
It seems if I leave the tv in Blank Screen mode, it will stay their indefinitely. The tv will not try to put itself to sleep or power down from the lack of display input. Even better, the resume of the display is instant with no delay what so ever.
Basically the Blank Screen is the perfect monitor sleep mode.

The blank screen option can be accessed in one of two ways via the TV.
Holding Mute on the remote for a few seconds.
Or through the menu Settings>System>Timers>Blank Screen

If I try to us service call for “VIZIO SmartCast: Update setting” I can make changes to things under System, so long as they are one level deep.
So for instance I can successfully make changes to System > Power Mode. Moving between Quick Start and Eco Mode.
But the Blank Screen is two level menus deep (System>Timers>Blank Screen) and just can’t seem to access it.
The same is true for other menu items such as Input Names. System > Input Names > HDMI 1 > name

Is there some alternate way I need to write out the service call to be able to access this function?