Vizio SmartCast TV and configuration

I have Hassio installed on a virtual image and I want to cast video streams to my tv.

The component states these instructions but i do not have access to the cmd line and I do not think this is for Hassio setup.

Can anyone share some insight on how to setup the TV component in Hassio.

no input ??

I have two vizio tv’s using this component, and it works pretty well. Do you have any other computer with a command line. I “think” that what you’re really doing during this install is getting a authentication token, I believe you can do it with another computer.

@ ptdalen - would you be able to share the steps, using another PC?

It’s the same steps as in the documentation. When you get the authentication token back on the last step, that’s what you’ll use for Home Assistant.

If you check out the source github it might help as well (prob not much more though)

Bottom line you get get the auth token from any computer. It’s not tied to a specific computer/HA install.

So… how do you install this on HASSIO? SSH doesn’t allow for any commands other that “hass homeassistant …”, or “hass host …”.
When I try to install this I get:

bash: pip: command not found

Its now a fully built in GUI integration, but still confusing. You can get a key by downloading the official Vizio App, then start to pair it(or if you already have it paired, reset the data of the app to get a pin); DON’T enter the pin in your Vizio app, instead add it to the Home Assistant key it’s asking for.

After Home Assistant is all set up, you can proceed to set up your phone app again.

See my reply below, This advice was WRONG.

Hi! I updated HASS last night and now my Vizio isn’t working. I used the integrations menu. put the pin number in the “access token” slot. It added the new entity, but the controls don’t work. Was there something I missed?

I was wrong above; it accepts it, but doesn’t work.
I got it working by:

Sorry for the wrong advice before.