VLC add on plays only a short part of mp3

I have he VLC add on to play sound through the 3.5 jack. I play a sound (mp3) and I can hear it fine once, but the second time I press play it only plays a small fraction of the beginning of the sound. I’ve tried different sound files and it does the same with any of them. I have to play a new file to be able to play a previous one again.

Any tips on what I’m doing wrong?

I noticed that the playing is very chopp when using th3 vlc-telnet. Hardly plays. If I choose to.play through web browser it works, all files play.

I have just installed vlc-telnet and also found that the audio coming out through the 3.5mm audio jack on the computer is often very broken up and does not play correctly. It seems to get worse if I adjust the volume of the play back whilst its happening.

Playing via another method such as the web browser works fine.

I want to be able to play audio via the local 3.5mm audio jack.

Does anyone have any alternatives to suggest ?