VLC not working on analogue output with HA (for TTS)

Hi there, I use HASSbian to install HA on my PI since it is rather easy and I did not managed to get the all-in-one installer working. Thanks to the developers for creating the image!

I would like to get VLC working on the analogue Pi output, so I can connect a speaker and use it for TTS. I did manage to get TTS working on HA (to my chromecasts), and I am also able to play sounds using VLC-nox from the command line. However, HA cannot play the files on the speaker. I guess it has something to do with the virtual environment, the homeassistant account or user rights.

Does anyone of you here got VLC working on the HASSbian image?

Bumpity bump on this. I’m in the same position as you. Can play videos from the RPi GUI but doesn’t work when I try HA even though audio files are being created.

Some tips here: TTS update

You can also try to change the output device.

Got it working now, thanks!


It will be always helpful to everyone who were facing same issues, if you also explain how did you get it to working…?


Hi, sure. I followed this page:

and that was it. That page was updated while these problems occured.