VLC_telnet what password?

I have homeassistant core running in a python virtual environment. VLC_telnet should work, right? I’ve verified that the telnet server is working at the address and port specified. Question: what password is it asking for? I assumed it was the password for Lua Telnet in the VLC configuration. That doesn’t work. So what’s up?


Maybe I’m blind, but I haven’t seen this anywhere else. In order to add the VLC_telnet integration, I have to start VLC telnet service on the remote node first (Raspberry Pi, in my case). With this

 vlc -I telnet --telnet-password=arbitrary-password

Then I can add the VLC_telnet integration in HA using arbitrary-password. In my case, I put the VLC command in a daemon on the Raspberry Pi so it’s headless and always running. It looks like this now

vlc -I telnet --telnet-password=arbitrary-password --random --loop /home/pi/Music/playlist/defaultplaylist.xspf
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