VM install - pinning E-Cores or P-Cores

Just about to migrate my docker install on unraid back to a VM. Docker works nicely but updating HA and all the other containers has become an administrative nightmare so I’ll take the overhead hit for simplicity. Also just bought a skyconnect and keen to play around with the matter & zigbee concurrently.

Recently upgraded my Unraid server to an intel i7 13700 and wondering if pinning the HA Virtual machine to isolated E-cores will have any negative impact compared to using the P-cores? Hoping to keep the P-Cores free for other resource hungry dockers such as Tdarr.

Any advice appreciated.

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I’m interested about E-cores.

If it helps I went ahead and pinned 4 e-cores to the HA virtual machine and it’s rocket fast. I never see the usage go above 10% so could probably shrink that to 2 cores, but I’ve got so many on that CPU I don’t see any downside of keeping it at 4 for now.