VmWare 32bits

Hi!! I am trying to install a version of Home Assistant but I am finding it difficult and it is still impossible to install it as I had thought.

Let me tell you:

I have a 32-bit CoreDuo Mac machine. I have installed vmware on it because there is no native 32-bit version of Mac of Home Assistant.

In the VMware virtual machine I have installed Lubuntu 32bits (Ubuntu Light Version).

The next thing is to install docker, etc. But is what I am trying to do feasible?

I don’t know if I’m wasting my time with all this installation, if there was a Home Assistant OS image for 32-bit vmware it would be great but I can’t find it anywhere.

Guys, what do I do? I abort the installation or try to install Home Assistant on virtualized Lubuntu 32bits.

Ah! Excuse me for my English, it’s a bit bad.

Thanks a lot!!

The only way you’re going to make this work would be by using the Core (Docker free) install method.

It’s time to buy something 64 bit capable.