VMWare ESXI host mosquito.conf

I have HA running on VMWare ESXI, and everything is working as expected. Recently, I installed Mosquito Broker, and I am currently receiving data from one sensor.

I have two questions.

  1. How can I define my temperature & humidity sensor in yaml file?

I tried to do something like this, but HA is complaining that you can’t define platform: mqtt


I like to store my data into MariaDB but not getting success.

  1. Since 1st approach didn’t work I tried to use 2nd approach to use mosquito broker persistent feature.

Here is my problem with 2nd approach,

  • I can’t find a mosquito.conf file anywhere in my OS.
  • I create new file manually in folder /share/mosquito/mosquito.conf


After restart service it is complaining this,

I can’t locate any file at /etc/mosquito/mosquito.conf file on my SSH terminal.

Please suggest what is going wrong since none of the solutions is working.

Thank you in advance.