Vmware HAOS Install Get valid IP but cannot access Web GUI

Hello all,

I am working on moving my Home Assistant from VirtualBox to VMware. However I have been able to successfully install and setup a VM with the .vmdk and I get a valid IP on the correct subnet when using Bridged. I can also see the CLI without any issues as it should normally display.
The next part when I try to access my Web UI in the browser, the page cannot be displayed.
I have no idea why I cannot do this simple task, Once super weird thing! I used the same .vmdk with VirtualBox and I was able to access the Web UI just fine.
So it must be something with the VMware settings I am assuming. I can ping the IP address and it comes back valid with ICMPs.
I’m currently at a lost and looking for any direction to try.
Thank you.

Are you sure you use used the VMware vmdk with VirtualBox? Didn’t even know that was possible.

Just ‘spit balling’ here…

  1. What url are you using to connect to the new HA instance (IP or DNS).
  2. Does the new router assigned IP match the VMWare terminal IP?
  3. Check port assignments?

Does the host have multiple network interfaces?
Normally the bridge is assigned to the active network; maybe it got bound to the wrong network?

Well i did not actually use that .vmdk but I went to HA site and downloaded the .vdi when I was able to choose from .vmdk / .vdi.

I am using the IP address, it is in the same subnet as all my other VMs and as my host, etc.
I know the IP is valid and not being used.
On the CLI the IP matches the router IP.
What do you mean by port assignments?

I checked the network automatic and manually assigning the correct interface under bridged. When I manually assigned it I was able to ping the machine from other VMs. I use the same network interface on other VMs and I am able to SSH to multiple VMs together. So I know the bridged network interface is working. Just on my HAOS I am not able to access the GUI.

So I finally figured it out,
It ended up being:
Side Channel Mitigations enabled
Once I disabled this I was able to access the GUI in a VMware HAOS VM.