VNC Remote Server Screen Capture Component

I wish to display regularly updating thumbnails of remote computer displays in HASS, in a similar fashion to the Generic MJPEG IP Camera component. Which are clickable to open a large full size image. Refreshed every x number of seconds.

The sibson/vncdotool python library can capture and save the screenshots using the command:

vncdo -s vncservername capture screen.png

And give guidence on: Embedding in Python Applications

Anyone interested?

Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

I’m now using vncsnapshot from
Which is driven from an automated script. The the Local File Camera compoint is used to show the image in HASS,

Can you explain how ? Please.

As far as I’m aware my approach as it currently stands would only work within a full Linux installation. As I’m simply calling an external python script to do the work.

Ok, thx. I do with ssh integration with other linux, and simply mount a web server in the other linux, then i call vncspanshot with node red and ssh and save the screenshot in a web server folder, and i make a generic camera to this server.

Thx, you inspire me.