Vocal local assistant

Hi everybody,

I wish to control my HA instance but voice, but I’ve got several conditions :

  • The vocal assistant has to be local (not in the cloud like Echo or Google Home…) This point is the most important to me !
  • No TTS (I don’t need it speaks because I think it’s too invasive)

I want just give orders like “I leave”, “turn off kitchen light”, “launch the countdown 1”,etc.

To be clear, I want something who looks like smart but which isn’t. That is to say he just execute scenes configured.

I think I found this today : Kalliope

In my head, i wish say a sentence and its send a command like a dash bouton :

“name”: “Depart”,
“address”: “xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”,
“protocol”: “all”,
“url”: “http://192.168.1.xx:8123/api/services/scene/turn_on”,
“method”: “POST”,
“headers”: {“x-ha-access”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxx”},
“json”: true,
“body”: {“entity_id”: “scene.depart”}

My problem : I’ve no idea who to do…
Do you have I idea ?

Thank you !!


I would use the MQTT module for kalliope. it send topics which can be read by hass and execute your script/ automatons etc

you need microphone anyway and use conversation from home assistant component.

No mic no voice commands :wink:

You can do it through automation without saying a word. Like you leave home or away then everything turn off for you. or when you back home what to be turn on for you.

Well.this is goal of home assistsnt :wink: but some sutuations dont cover automations like this …for example dimming light when u wanna read .

trigger with something to let automation run to dim the light for you.

How has will know inwanna read? Also wanna find a solution if somine is sitting on the tsbke that light turn on 100.% dunno which sensor for the moment…

Someone here using kalliope? Need help :wink: