Voice assist activated without wake word pronunced

Hello Everybody,
I have an issue with Voice Assistant activation.
The problem basically is that it is often activated without pronunce the wake word and this is too often :slight_smile:
Is there anythging that I can change in the configuration to avoid or or at least mitigate it?

Thank you!

Depends on exactly how you are running it. There are various ways and various things you can do, so let us now what you are running, and we won’t have to guess.

I am running it with home assistant cloud, using mic and speaker connected directly to my hassio.

No the addons you are using, what config you have in those addons, and a bit more info than mic and speaker connected to hassio, it could be anything as there are so many ways to run ha. If you want help.you need to add all the info. All.the hardware you are using, any config files, logs etc

Hardware: Raspberry pi 4.
Assist: Home Assistant Cloud.
Addons: Assist Microphone, openWakeWord.

Please let me know if you need more info.
Thank you for your help.

Do you have the assist near the TV or a music receiver?
Or in places where there are loud sounds?
All of this can affect the launch of assists.

Yes, it is close the Tv but it happens also when there is silence.
Sometimes it is activated also if I cauf :smile: