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I use voice assist cloud (setup for Dutch) in my automations and it works great (about 90% of the commands get a good result). The only thing that bothers me is the respond I get when the automation has been triggered. It response with Done, so it response in English and not in Dutch. Is there a way to change this?

I use voice assist through different devices (even my mobile phone) so an tts message over an audio player is a no go.



I have the same issue in Norwegian. Hoping for an answer! :smile:

Same here, in german.

I might be happy enough it it’d say “done”, properly pronounced in english.

But it says “done” as if it were a german word. Sounds like “dough-nuh”.

Kinda annoying.

As someone who speaks English I wish I could change up the responses so it does not say Done all the time. Maybe “You Bet!” or “Your wish is my command.” Seems like if we could customize the response it would be a win for everyone.

Nice touch, but I think we’re still stuck with the general issue.

How about hot fixing it to “okay” instead of “done”?

That should (!) sound properly in any language :}

same same, the answer bothers me in my native language…Anyone found a solution yet?

There is info on how to customize responses here on the Custom Sentences page. Or am I misunderstanding what you are asking for?

I think the problem most of us have, is that the standard “done” message of the assist is not translatable (at least i do not know where), so my assist says done pronounced in german and i would like to change that to my native language. Something like “erledigt” or some other native word.

Have you tried using the example on the page there, like so (changed language to German):

# Example config/custom_sentences/de/responses.yaml
language: "de"
      default: "erledigt"

So long as the intent (or custom sentence if used) being called when you speak your command is 'HassTurnOn"

This should change the default response when you ask Assist to turn something on which might be problematic.

Needs more tweaking but it works!

Edit: my bad. If you are talking about the default response to a sentence trigger in an automation, then it seems it is not yet possible. My thing only works for custom sentences or regular intents but not for sentence triggers in automations.

Hi cnose,

thanks for the tip, i played a little with that and tried that but my call might not be a HassTurnOn intent. I have to debug that today.

You are surely right with the custom sentences but i have to find action_done i guess.

Thanks for putting me in the right direction.


Looks like 2024.2 implements this :slight_smile: now so you can customise the responses. Nice!

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Saw it in the everything smart home video 20 minutes ago too :smiley: Some issues just solve themselves over time :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for updating on that one too.


Hi Philipp.
Quite a newbye here.
Could you tell how you did that?

Found! Done indeed :grin:

That was a great addition to HA, and thanks @cnose for pointing it out!

The next good addition to this feature would be the ability to customize a default reponse. If, for example, I want to say “yowser” instead of “done” for every sentence-triggered automation, I could set the default instead of adding an action to every sentence-triggered automation.