Voice Assistant and Google Generative AI response character limit & remove * character


I know Voice and AI are in the early days of roll out but I’ve got a few questions and observations!

I’ve managed to set up Voice Assistant with Google Generative AI, it’s working nicely and noticed that you can all reach out and ask other questions such as tell me about “the first moon landing” but while using HA Assist via the Dashboard does two things:

  1. It cuts off the response after around 600 characters part way through answering.
    Any ideas if this can be changed to allow for longer responses in full or if the AI can suggest there is more. E.g. ‘do you want me to continue.’?
    Note: I’m aware you can say ‘continue’ and it will read more but while listening you might not know there is more to follow once the speech has finished.

  2. The response on a few questions seem to a have lots of Asterix in them which is fine if read but a bit annoying when it’s spoken out aloud by Voice Assistant.
    Also how to remove or reduce some of the Asterix from responses when using TTS Home Assistant Cloud?

Here’s a example, showing the cut off and Asterix.

Tell me about the first moon landing?

The first moon landing was a monumental event in human history, marking a significant leap in space exploration.
Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

  • The Mission: The mission was called Apollo 11, and it was launched by NASA on July 16, 1969, with the goal of landing astronauts on the moon and bringing them safely back to Earth.
  • The Crew: The crew consisted of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. Neil Armstrong was the first human to set foot on the moon, followed by Buzz Aldrin. Michael Collins remained in lunar orbit while his crew mates landed.
  • The Landing: On July 20, 1969,

In the setting Voice Assistant>Text-to-speech is set to ‘Home Assistant Cloud’, this then speaks the 3 x * at the start of each sentence, then 2 x * after the sub head (e.g. * Crew: sounds like “Asterix, Asterix, Asterix, Crew, Asterix, Asterix”)

The response is better when set to ‘Google en com’, but the voice options are limited. Only speaking 2 x * at the start of each sentence. (e.g. * Crew: sounds like “Asterix, Asterix, Crew” )

Final thought, is the Google Generative AI integration even supposed to be able to answer wider questions?!?


I use openai extended, but there should be maximum token response that may be cutting you off:

Thank you, this fixes the cut off response issue.

There’s tick box in the Google AI settings to turn off ‘Recommended model service settings”. When click this opens up few more options for the Google AI, where I can change the maximum token length.

Just need to sort out the TTS problem now and try a few different options. Piper doesn’t seem to work on my green box and the google has very limited voices but does remove all the * in the response.