Voice assistant - ask question

Hi all,

Is it possible to start a Google home / Snips ai conversation via home assistant?

My use case: if the sun isn’t shining on our windows anymore, it should ask: ‘Hey, shall I open the sunshades?’. Then I could just answer with a simple yes or no.

Is this possible with any voice assistant? Didn’t find anything here in the forums.


This is home automation, no human interaction involved! :yum:

It made me think of Dialogflow, you could’ve check it that out.

For sun shades, I personally approach that differently. An automation closes my awning, but when my wife doesn’t like that at that moment, she just yells at Google to open it again. From then on, the awning is in manual control mode for the rest of the day.

Yes, doing it completely automatic would be my choice too, but my girlfriend doesn’t always like things going automatically on or off. So, that’s why I’d like the idea with the voice assistant.

She used to yell more, but now it’s tuned to her preferences, so she doesn’t yell much anymore