Voice Assistant: Follow-Up Responses

Hey All,

Hopefully this hasn’t been asked yet, though I couldn’t find it if it has.

When using a voice assistance with openwakeword detection and Extended OpenAI Conversation integration, how can we add the ability to continue a conversation or give a follow up response or question in the same conversation. Currently is seems that every time you say the wake word, it starts a brand new conversation and forgets about the previous interaction. This would be similar to Alexa waiting for a few seconds for you to say a follow-up question or instruction without having to repeat the wake word. Ideally if all of the interactions could be kept in some memory or storage so that the voice assistant could learn over time to its environment, that would be amazing…but one step at a time! :slight_smile:

Thank you and if there is anything I can assist with, let me know. I’m still quite green in my dev and AI skills but I’m slowly learning.

Voted. And I support this feature request as far as it can go.

Looking for this exact usecase

1000% back this.

this will make wyoming satellite the killer app for home assistant. also the extension of this which is allowing the wyoming device to be awoken by a service call, as opposed to the wake word.
example use case is for example i have a smart button remote and i want to set the long press action to wake my voice assistant, in the event i’m not able to or dont want to use the wake word.