Voice assistant is randomly parsing a spoken number [ie 5] as the word [ie five]

So far been having a fun time learning more about Conversation, Intents and Intent Scripts, but I think I got in over my head.

I’ve borrowed a really cool ‘Reminder’ intent from jplouffier. That’s a link to the custom sentence which I repurposed for English, but it has two other parts that I also grabbed. Together it acts as a way to set a reminder for tasks or events in the future. Ask it to remind you to do something in any number of seconds, minutes, hours etc, and it will either run a script with a delay, or create a calendar event, then when the time arrives, notify you on the media player of your choice.

It works really well if you type the sentence into Assist, but only maybe 1 time out of 10 when you speak. Most of the time when I say a sentence like ‘Remind me to feed the cats in 2 hours’ it will be interpreted as ‘two’ hours, which then breaks the intent.

I got this one to work randomly:

But most of them end up like this:

Is there any way to force faster-whisper to interpret spoken numbers as digits instead of the word spelled out with letters, or should I try to refactor the sentence config?

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@cnose Did you ever get this sorted? I’m having the same problem. I have lights with numbers at the end ‘Orb 1, Orb 2, etc’ and the voice assist randomly parses my requests as ‘Orb one’ etc. Not sure how to fix this, other than avoiding any number to their names, which is not realistic when you’re dealing with tons of devices and lights.


For entity names you can add aliases to the device in the voice integration configuration. So you can write out the numbers as words in the alias.

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Thanks. That works!

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