Voice Assistant Questions for WAF and KAF

I orderded some esp32-s3-box-lites, ultimately wanting to replace my Google Homes. This is quite the tasks while keeping kid and wife approval high. So a couple questions.

  1. I have been playing with assist since chapter 1, setting up sentences, using it via voip etc. I have an esp32 with a mic and speaker set up with my own custom wake word. It is possible to multiple wake words on one esp? For example my custom word invokes HA services and Hey Jarvis invokes openai to do more complex worldly tasks…such as search Google or spell a word?

I was able to get openai conversion (once i figure this out i want to move to localai) to control HA but once you prompt it as a smart assistant it loses the ability to do anything beyond control the local home.

  1. Something used in our house often is the broadcast feature or announce feature on GA. Any idea on how to get this feature using the esp32-s3 boxes? Are they also listed as media_player?

Could have HA take my STT parse into a text helper and then have an automation play the helper via the s3 boxes?