Voice assistant responding to its own response(s)

This is a weird one. I’ve googled quite a bit and I’m not seeing this issue reported by anybody else. I imagine if this issue were an actual “thing,” users would be complaining a lot.

Essentially, most of the time, when I wake my voice assistant satellite and give it a command, the command seems to be extended to include the server’s response(s).

For example, I say, “Jarvis.”
The satellite makes the “wake word recognized” noise.
I say, “Turn on the lights.”
It makes the “command received” noise and turns on the lights.
It says “Turned on lights.”
It makes the “command received” noise (again!).
It says “Sorry, I didn’t understand that.”
(often this continues for a few iterations)

Looking in the voice assistant debug UI, I see erroneous entries for me (the human user) supposedly saying, “Turned on lights,” and it (the voice assistant) then responding with “Sorry, I didn’t understand that.” And then sometimes it thinks I said that, too (and it responds again, etc.)

It looks to me like it doesn’t know when to stop listening for human commands and it hears it’s own responses as more commands.