Voice Assistant - Single word to force a device (light) on after saying wake word

Hello all. After much searching for a way to accomplish this, I’ve broke down, made a community account and now making my first post here.

I recently set up an M5 Echo for Voice Assistant. Everything is working good but I’ve been trying to find a way to make a single word shut off a light and a single word to turn on that light but have the words different.

Just to make sure I’ve explained that the way I’m actually hoping, here are the examples. With the wake word as ‘Hi, Nabo’, I would like the following sentence to turn on a specific light, “Hi, Nabo. Illuminate” or “Hi, Nabo. Deluminate”. :wink: I’m sure now you know where I’m going with this…

Thanks all!

If I understand correctly, you just want “Illuminate” to turn on a specific fixed light. This is simple, just create an automation, set a custom sentence as the automation’s trigger, and choose a device action that turns on the light. The sentence can be anything, even a single word.

See: Assist - custom sentences - Home Assistant