Voice assistant, USB microphone (Anker) and wake word; Help please


I have been running Rhasspy on my HA system for a few months now, I followed tutorial step buy step and got my system working. I can now, through my Anker USB speakerphone with a wake-up word ask HA to do some task.

With HA introducing integrated voice assistant, I would like to be able to do the same but I can’t find anyway to setup Voice assistant to listen to the environment sound via my USB anker speakerphone and respond to a wakeup word. Am I missing something or does the Voice assistant only work with the Atom device and the dial in approch ?

thanks for any guidance on this


************** Found my answer in “Everything Smart Home” youtube … to come later this year **************

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Hope with the latest update you have it working now? Just wondered as I have a Anker USB microphone I get random 4 triggers in a row every 20-30 mins. Have you experienced this at all?

I have the same setup as you. While looking for information about the new functionality, I came across your post. I also wanted to develop this in some way. Mainly to get rid of Google speaker. The coolest thing would be to control HA using one magic word, and, for example, using the second word to ask an assistant like ChatGPT - this is more complicated issues that Google is not able to deal with.

Hi, found this one !
It uses Addon “Assist Microphone”


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