[Voice Assistent Contest] EInk/Epaper Desk with Voice Assistant and Media Player

Let me try to enter an Idea that I am working on quite a bit of time.:
I always wanted a EINK/Epaper Display sitting on my Desk. This Display shall show me the most important information that I need during the day.

Not only it should display informations on the EINK Display - It shall also measure the Air Quality in your room. Besides that some more stuff like Temperatures, movement detection, measures Light Conditions… and many more. And the Best of all: “It can be your own LOCAL Voice Assistant or MediaPlayer”

This Device perfectly integrates in your Smart Home (e.g. HomeAssistant or IO Broker). No permanent backlight On Display that disturbs your sleep. Just a brillant E-Ink Display with outstanding contrast and some Buttons that you can feel when you swipe over with your plam. A lightweight Design with a perfect WAF Factor. Fits on your Desktop or on your wall. The device can be programmed, adapted, hacked, tinkered and individualised by YOU. You want to push boundries even further: Use Arduino and do a deep Dive in Ultra Low Power Mode. The Battery might run for Years with an intelligent Power Gateing.

Further Details can be found here: https://github.com/Uspizig/WifiWallSwitch/

This device consist of an an ESP32-S3 and various sensors:

  • Ultra Low Power RTC RV3028 [U9] for Low Power Battery Operation wakeup
  • Ultra Low Noise MEMS LSM6DSL [U8] 6 Axis GYRO+ACCEL + Tap Detection
  • Ultra Low Power Gateing Chip TPL5110: [U6]
  • Bosch BME680 for Air Quality Measurements [U5]
  • EInk Screen connector
  • Touch Screen connector [JP5]
  • Space for the oprional INMP441 Microphone [J5], [J9]
  • 8 RGB LEDs which can be adressed individually. Perfect for Quizshow effects. Ideal for Audiovisual feeddback
  • 9 Click Buttons. [SW1-SW9] - SW5 is hidden under the screen and can be used as Physical Click Button
  • Space for Several Connectors[J2, J8, J3] to plugin even more modules like Audio Module for an Media Player or Voice Assistant Feedback.

Can we have a demo of the voice assistant part please :smiling_face: ?

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Super cool, would you mind sharing the ESPHome config you used to make it work or any implementation details with us?
Thx a lot!


How about some more: Something like YAML, ESPHome config, Schematics, 3D step files, STL housing files, arduino programming files…You may find complete documentation here: Link here

I even think about selling my remaining boards on tindie.

Dear Copycats: Please don’t be an idiot and copy this whole thing and try to make a comercial product out of it. I invested a lot of nights in my free time after my work designing this. You know: If you copy: Bad Karma always sucks :slight_smile:

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Looks like DIY counterpart of high-end KNX hardware

Do you know the approximative pricetag for all parts ?

you might have seen the pin connector for KNX: This should fit this board: NanoBCU · OpenKNX/OpenKNX Wiki · GitHub. This board might work(untested) with KNX as well

No I haven’t looked at the schematics but I heard you speak german and since I was also looking for DIY room controller in the past I though you were inspired by Jung products

In fact that Jung switch looks great.
I don’t own a 3d Printer. Thats why I designed a case that can be printed easily at once. I did not want to build a complex design with multiple steps to print. One bottom and one top. Did another case with separate buttons as well.These one did not turn out nice. Simply does not look that clean.

There was really neat finished DIY stuff back in 2014 like this one

Maybe it can inspire you

Thanks for this inspiration. I will have a look on it.
More looking into squeezelite right now. The Spotify connect player would be a big goal.