Voice Automations: Alexa/Google Assistant voice commands with parameters

Hello there!

Since IFTTT went for subscription model are there any plans to make Nabu Casa integration with voice assistants more configurable? I use Alexa on Sonos and there are no routines available. And even if it were, it’s not possible to use parameters in the phrase (like “set ## temperature”, “switch to channel ##”, “what is room temperature” etc). So if this was possible for IFTTT component for Alexa, could you make it happen directly for Home Assistant skill? Something like “Voice Automations” or whatever you’d like to call it. One could define a voice event that would configure my HASS skill and then being pushed to my local hass webhook.

If you’re also interested to see this, please vote.

I would definitely consider paying for a Nabu Casa subscription if this was added.

IFTTT makes it simple to set up a an action on Google Assistant - and all I do is use IFTTT to call a Home Assistant webook anyway.

If we could set up trigger phrases for an automation it would be great!

I have a hack using the Alexa media player and a Dummy bulb . This will enable you to trigger Home assistant via the the Alexa Phone app Routines,

Or if you want alexa to answer what is room temperature

Thank you for these tips. I decided to not invest my time into things that might be temporary like the Alexa unofficial API. Going IFTTT route is best option right now without any hustles but it’s no longer free. HASS skill needs to be more clever so we won’t need any intermediate services.